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Latest update on book sales

| January 28, 2010

Here is the latest map showing where our books sales are happening. As you can tell, lots of action in BC and Ontario, but we’re also getting more orders from the Prairies as well as the Maritime provinces. The different marker colours represent the number of books sent to each address – for example, red […]

One month until the Olympics begin…

| January 12, 2010

Being from British Columbia, the big thing on most people’s minds is the upcoming Olympics in Vancouver, set to begin in exactly one month. Up here in Slumberland (about 5 hours from Vancouver) things are a bit more subdued, almost lethargic in some cases. In fact, when I asked Buck Pincher what his favorite Olympic […]

Book Signings at the Mall…

| December 23, 2009

We just finished our second book signing at Cherry Lane Mall in Penticton last night…a great response from local people. Some were waiting to get their copies when we arrived to set up at 4p.m., alerted to the event by a great article on the book in the local newspaper, the Penticton Herald. Orders for […]

Book Review by the North Shore News, North Vancouver

| December 2, 2009

The North Shore News, a mainstream newspaper in North Vancouver, ¬†just did a book review of A Fine Day for a Drive in their November 27th edition. The Car Side column was a regular feature in the auto section of the paper for a number of years, so we really appreciate the great book review […]

So where is the book going?

| November 26, 2009

I’ve been using a free app called to keep track of book sales. As you can see from this screen shot a few days ago, most of our book orders are to folks in Ontario. Hey, Prairie Provinces, how about a little more support?! Come to think of it, I don’t see anything from […]

Sales Report…

| November 11, 2009

Well, it’s exciting to see copies of A Fine Day for a Drive heading out the door and into the post office! So far we’ve mailed copies all across Canada, as far as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia (I keep an online map showing where the books are going, and it’s starting to get a […]

The Book Has Arrived!

| November 5, 2009

¬† Yes, the day we’ve all been waiting for has come…on November 5th, a large transport truck backed up to my driveway and a cheerful driver named Peter unloaded boxes and boxes of books with his self-powered pallet jack. Unfortunately, the pallet jack wouldn’t fit through my basement door, so I got to carry them […]

Latest news…

| October 25, 2009

It’s been exciting to see the book orders starting to come in via PayPal, even though we are still waiting for the books to arrive from the printers (Friesens Printing in Manitoba). I just had word that the shipping date from the plant is this coming Friday, October 30th, so that’s great news. The shipment […]